Rebekah Rawson Coaching Psychologist

Helping you to live and work in alignment to what is most important to you.

What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching Psychology draws on established psychological approaches to enhance the life experience, work performance and well being of individuals, groups and organisations.


Essentially it is about working with teams and individuals to help them understand themselves and the skills that will enable them to flourish. Clients are provided with a safe, non-judgemental space where they feel valued, supported and gently challenged to pursue what is important to them. Furthermore, clients' strengths and values are clarified and refined for optimal and meaningful work.

Rebekah Rawson designs and facilitates bespoke coaching programmes for individuals, specialising in wellbeing, resilience, career and transition coaching. She supplements her coaching with a range of reputable and psychometrically sound assessments and profiling tools.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Rebekah Rawson

Registered Psychologist, MISCP

As a Coaching Psychologist, Rebekah is committed to encouraging the use of coaching for wellbeing enhancement and performance. She provides evidence-based solutions to help indivdiuals and teams to create meaningful and sustainable change. She utilises practical tools and techniques for transformation in the areas of wellbeing, resilience and performance. This translates into improved leader, team and staff mental health and enhanced workplace capability and overall effectiveness.